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Irrelevant facts about Phobos I: our color and its meaning

Colors are often the symbol of a company. Although there is a marketing study on the meaning of colors and the impact they have on people, we find our color based on our main value: reliability. Now, what does it mean to be reliable from its definition?

  1. [person] That inspires confidence or is worthy of it.
"such a delicate matter must be put in the hands of a reliable person"
  1. [thing] That inspires security.
"reliable printing"

There are synonyms of reliable, such as loyal, honest, trustworthy, faithful and this defines us as a company since we are faithful to our convictions of providing quality services and to those who require it at all times, always putting our seal of quality on each project we carry out. do, and, on the other hand, that we can do it well. That makes us reliable or a reliable company.

Why do we say reliability can be represented by the color we choose for Phobos?

In an RGB color space, the #f1ab1e hexadecimal is 94.5% red, 67.1% green, and 11.8% blue. Whereas in a CMYK color space, it is made up of 0% cyan, 29% magenta, 87.6% yellow, and 5.5% black. It has a hue angle of 40.1 degrees, a saturation of 88.3%, and a lightness of 53.1%. The color hexadecimal #f1ab1e can be obtained by mixing #ffff3c with #e35700. The closest web-safe color is: #ff9933.

Beyond the one that goes very well with its complement, the dark blue, this kind of brownish orange in hexadecimal is written #f1ab1e, what could be read as “fiable”, spanish word of trustworthy.

This color was also able to stand out in almost all color blindness tests despite all its variants and continues to be attractive to the end user as we see in the image below:

And if we made a post like this just for a color, imagine what we can do for you and your company. Contact us!


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