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Something about photographic post production



Let's talk about the art that exists in the post production of photos. Especially for cosplayers or for fantasy scenes.

Let's forget the fact that we are all used to putting a filter by now. To abuse the Meitu to get rid of double chins, to change our hair or eye color with some AR filter from Instagram or Snapchat and let's not even talk about what is going to come with the Metaverse from this year. Let's talk about the art that can be done with just having Photoshop and some knowledge, but above all, creativity and the ability to adapt what one knows about the program's tools to what one wants to do.

I have been using Photoshop for many years now, since version 5.5 released back in 1999, but which I met in 2002 at the age of 14.

I started out as a self-taught person making wallpapers of things that my friends liked, and on the other hand, later I got into photography. I never thought that creativity applied to designing something would be able to mix with taking photos in such a homogeneous way. So much so that later I immersed myself in courses such as Lynda, Linkedin, Udemy and others and I was able to notice my line of growth to the point of encouraging me to offer this knowledge as a service.

Advanced processes

Among Us example

Although it is not one of the best editions, it is a very practical one that shows the concept and the work done. On the left you can see the raw photo and the concept to be carried out. Taking sci-fi backgrounds recreating the ship of the laborers and the impostor.

However, the setting is taken from movies of the “spaceship with a killer alien inside” category, where contrasts are used with strong lights, lensflares and ranges of blues or reds. If you scroll you see that there are also touch-ups in the model, in the reflections and in the lights that bounce off the subject.


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