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What is Phobos?
We are on a mission to reach this planet and offer you new forms of communication and more effective technologies for your projects.
What is Phobos
Phobos is a creative agency from another planet. To be precise, from one of the two moons of Mars.
Although we could consider ourselves Martians, we come from Phobos. A small 25 km moon that revolves around Mars and has been the cradle of the origin of aliens and zombies in classics such as Doom or class B cinema. Practically the name is a happy reference to this Shooter of the time that revolutionized a genre and brought to light numerous imitations that ended up being called “Doom Clones” until the 3D Shooter was invented. But they did not stop being copies. That’s how we feel on Phobos too. Up there.
Our mission is simple: it is to give the customer what he needs. From then on, it is up to us to make the ideas of those who require it come true.
…We come from the union of professionals who have worked in different companies and have a great deal of experience. Now we are here, to empower ourselves and make the client grow with us.
our work
How do we implement the latest technologies?

We act based on our experience and the previous decisions of the competition. We put together a solid strategy so as not to waste any business or growth opportunity for our clients.


Our team is constantly updating, so we are in continuous contact offering new strategies and technology to increase business and project performance.


After collecting enough data, we prepare a simultaneous social media launch and a strong ad campaign along with the product release.

Social Media Management

73% of our clients add our tools to their project or have decided to leave us in charge of their social networks.

Web development

The vast majority of our clients have chosen us to make their website or their ecommerce.


A large percentage has simultaneously budgeted and projected or decided to contact us to develop their own app


Almost all of our clients have contacted us early in their development to develop or enhance their brand.

Confidence and optimal results. That we are.

We are a conglomerate of professionals with a high human value and perception to be able to quickly grasp what needs each client has and how we can improve their current situation. We come from the experience of having worked for multinational companies, of having trained ourselves with international certificates, from those of Google, to Linkedin or Udemy courses.

Always nurturing ourselves and understanding not only our clients, but also the competition and knowing or understanding why they execute and make those decisions and letting us find those gaps, improve them and continue to take the next step. To continue evolving what has been done or to invent it if necessary.

Estudio Phobos is the result of overcoming many adversities, of raising many clients who were victims of the bad manners of other companies and the camaraderie of our team that was one of the best coincidences we could have experienced.


We are committed to protecting our clients from attacks and protecting their data.


Phobos is based on its great human quality, so we will offer a warm post-customer service to be able to solve all the problems that the client has.


We highly commit ourselves to each and every one of our clients. We are part of your team during the development period and we empower ourselves to get the best out of each brand.


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HQ: España 1076, Rosario. ARG.
HQ2: Perón 2477 Piso 2, CABA. ARG.
Base: 251 Kemper Lane, UT. USA


Teléfono: +54 9 341 348-6375
Teléfono: +54 9 11 6710-0338



Lunes a Viernes: 9:00 – 18:00
Sábados: 11:00 – 17:00
Domingos: Cerrado.

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